Our House

You find our guesthouse in Kleinried near to Ansbach in the lower Altmühltal. Located on the edge of the village you can enjoy peace, nature and rest. Strolling through the wide meadows you can gather your thoughts and let them go away. During seminars, our kitchen offers a creative and healthy full board whereby we use mainly local products.

Place of Safety, Place of Encounter


The Nestli house wants to be a place of safety, a place of encounter together, a place where god can be experienced, a place of hope and recovery.

Here people may come, who need to pause in their everyday life, who became tired, who long for spiritual food, advice and accompany. Here they are allowed to rest, to fill up their strength, to learn something new and to experience gods touch through his presence. They shall be strengthened and encouraged to strike out again and get fledged and to start up again.

Nestli wants to be a meeting point for therapists, pastoral carer and advisers, who want to extend their field of knowledge, collect experiences and take with them new impulses for their work. Common experiences, exchange with each other and times of relaxing are very valuable in this connection. To achieve that Nestli offers a loving environment. Just in times when we have to digest “heavy stuff”, good and healthy food serves as an important balance.


For all those who have never been at our house yet, we put some pictures together, so you can have a first glance.