Deeply hurt people shall find healing and recovering. To achieve this goal the Institution for Christian Oriented Trauma Accompany (ICTB) invest all their possibilities and addresses especially to supporter and attendants of traumatised people, therapists, adviser, pastoral carer and pedagogical experts.

Approach and Operations

Traumatised people shall get competent expert support. Hereby the uniqueness of the human being is of central importance and not a disorder or a specific syndrome. They should have the chance to involve their faith as a valuable resource in the processing of their traumatic experiences.

We call those people as trauma attendants who are going along with traumatised people a bit of the road. This can, for instance, be therapists, adviser, pastoral carer, pedagogical experts, friends and members of the family. The ICTB wants to educate these people and support them in accordance with their needs.

The approach of the Christian oriented trauma accompany is multi-methodological, that means we use different methods of conversational therapy, behavioural therapy, systemic treatment, psycho-analysis, gestalt therapy, body therapy as well as creative approaches.


Ursula Roderus

Ursula Roderus

Founder of ICTB

Ursula Roderus is founder of ICTB.

She is a doctor and Christian therapist with focus on psychotraumatology and trauma therapy. She describes her approach to the treatment of trauma in “Handbuch zur Traumabegleitung” (handbook of trauma accompany), accordingly she and a client wrote the book “Berufen zum Königskind” (Appointed to be a royal child).

Training Christian oriented trauma accompany

Minimum condition for participation is a basic training as pastoral carer or as therapist, at least 3 years practical experience and attendance of basic modules workshop trauma I and II.

The training consists of the two basic modules trauma counselling I and II and six advanced modules.

A complete graduation requires the participation in all seminars. Added to this are participation in supervision, written case studies, peer group meetings and term paper by means of a web-based Internet platform. To graduate successfully there has to be attended a colloquium. The attendance is also possible without final colloquium and without certification and is confirmed with a certificate of attendance at the end.

The aim is now the certification of the curriculum at the DeGPT which would make it possible to acquire the additional qualification “trauma pedagogy and trauma-focused expert advice (DeGPT)”. All necessary additional qualifications can be found on the DeGPB homepage.

Speaker of the training Christian oriented trauma accompany

Manager of the training

Doctor, Christian therapist (IACP), degree psychotraumatology and trauma therapy (zptn), supervisor (EASC), institute director ICTB, practice Aufwind,

Katja Koblischke

Non-medical practitioner (psychotherapy), lecturer Team.F, trauma therapy in her own practice, Christian consultant (i.A.)

Katrin Semrau

Consulting psychologist M.SC., lecturer of practical theology, bible school Kirchberg

Dr. Hiltrud Westdickenberg

Specialist in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, psychotraumatology and trauma therapy, practice and doctor ab Eser 21

Katrin Wirth

Non-medical practitioner, trauma counselling and –therapy for children and teens in her own practice

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