Infos to NCTB

The network for Christian oriented trauma accompany (NCTB) combines Christian therapists, counsellors, pastoral carer, pedagogical experts and institutions that are engaged and qualified in the work with traumatised people. A map shows, where network’s members are located.

Network's Objectives

  • Linking up qualified trauma attendants
  • Linking up with other Christian experts and facilities in the area of trauma
  • Linking up with experts of trauma work
  • Enabling to share current developments in trauma work
  • Create and maintain of a NCTB-map

The network serves a mutual connection and approach and offers concerned people a chance to find competent support concerning their trauma near their home.

You look for your church or your facility lecturers who perform information events or a further training for your staff? Please ask us to help you.

Churches, facilities and institutions are able to require all information about speaker to the issue trauma and about information events and further trainings. For that the map below provides a good overview. It shows those regions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland where NCTB -members and NCTB -partners currently work.

Members of the network are predominantly graduates of the training Christian oriented trauma accompany. Network partner are Christians, facilities that completed successfully a profound further- or training in the area trauma and that are able to be contact points for those affected Christians, either in pastoral care, counselling, therapy or in pedagogical field. In this way we want to support traumatised Christians and help them to receive adequate, professionally grounded and Christian oriented help and attendance.

Leadership:Ursula Roderus Supporting and administration: Silvia Roderus (Contact: nctb [at]


Offering for traumatised people

By means of the map you get to know, in what extend there are possible Christian oriented trauma supporter in your proximity. The blue-marked points belong to graduates of the training Christian oriented trauma accompany in the field pastoral care, counselling, therapy and pedagogy. Network partner are marked with blue symbols. The respective contact information can be requested by sending an e-mail via NCTB.

Please note that, most trauma attendants cannot be financed by health insurance.

Contact: nctb [at]