Christian oriented Trauma accompany (CTB)

The concept of the Christian oriented trauma accompany (CTB) combines important findings of modern trauma therapy with the faith’s treasures and of that, what is possible through the act of God.

We call those people as trauma attendant who going along with traumatised people a bit of the road. This can, for instance, be therapists, adviser, pastoral carer, pedagogical experts, friends and members of the family. The ICTB wants to educate these people and support them in accordance with their needs.

The approach of the Christian oriented trauma accompany is multi-methodological, that means we use different methods of conversational therapy, behavioural therapy, systemic treatment, psycho-analysis, gestalt therapy, body therapy as well as creative approaches. Findings and approaches of the current trauma therapy are the scientifically sound basis of the attendance. This includes issues such as resource orientation, stabilisation, distance onself, dissociation, reorientation, dissociation, work with alters, confrontation with the trauma and integration. Significant contribution come from the attachment research and neurosciences. The resource of Christian faith has its place there, where concerned people wish it for themselves. Both comfort, encouragement and hope in the intimate relationship with God and questions of worth, -blame and –faith can become topics. In talks there are again and again possibilities to seek in prayer and silence the encounter with God. The experience of help and support in faith can become a precious basis of the way of work through the past. A further main focus is recovery of relationships, relationship with oneself, relationship to my counterpart and a healthy relationship with God.