On our seminars we want to impact by valuable information comprehension and encourage to a self-reflexion as well as to pass encouragement and to strengthen people’s faith and their inner relationship with God. All seminars are leaded by competent, educated staff.

Our pastoral offerings allow a good and secure frame, where one is able to discover connections: How can I understand my challenges and troubles from today which are the results of my biography? How can I overcome blockades and make new, good experiences?

Offering about the issue trauma and aftereffects shall inform, but also provide you with practical and realisable tips for the daily life. The own affliction or involvement are welcome here, as much as the requirement for information and scientific findings.

Our seminars presented below are a brief summery of the contents. Detailed information are currently in German as well as the registration. At the moment all seminars, trainings and further trainings are given in German.

Discover your Strength – Overcome your Weakness

A seminar for all who want to get to know themselves, who want to gain confidence, overcome weaknesses and fears, who want to unleash energy and who want to engage themselves in new experiences. This is a workshop with horses. You can make your own experiences. And of course, here also we have enough space for Gods speaking.


Finding Ways

Pastoral Care Days for traumatised people

In a safe environment, people concerned are provided with information about trauma and their own concern can be reflected. This is important to understand oneself and regain control and stability. We introduce essential aspects and methods for stabilisation, learn about getting into distance from what is too much, and to anchor oneself in here and now. We work in little groups, each led by trained trauma supporter. This is not a therapeutic offering but pastoral. A certain stability is required.