It is our aim as Nestli - incorporated association to lead people to the experience of a really fulfilled life by having a relationship with god. The reason why this is often blocked is due to ancient psychic wounds and hurts and the consequential convictions and attitudes towards life. If we face them, regarding and handling them with the help of god, undergoing comfort and healing and find the way to forgiveness, something new can develop. New experiences can be made and relationships can be restored again. Changes can take place and previous limits can be overborn.

Our priority here are traumatized people. They experience themselves trapped inside, and they are caught in a state of defence and flood of feelings. Relationships are impaired because of a deep mistrust and control of other people. Life seems entirely to overburden, and they still try everything to maintain functionality. Many times they found themselves trying to get help but they weren’t understood and didn’t receive proper help. Helping these people means to have profound knowledge. Connections must be recognized and regarded. It is they, who we want to invite to new hope and helper shall be imparted solid knowledge.

Therefore Nestli offers pastoral care and advice, Christian therapy and pastoral seminars, but, above all courses for professional development for active pastoral workers, counsellors and therapists. Attached to Nestli is ICTB, Institute of Christian-oriented trauma-company, which offers as a special focus an education in Christian-oriented trauma-company. The reticulation NCTB connects qualified trauma accompanists among each other and with further Christian experts and institutions regarding trauma care.